Lorraine, France, August 2007



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Together with my brother Robert I went 2 days to the North East of France to see some Asp Vipers, a perfect way to spend the weekend, looking for vipers, have a bbq next to the river meuse, drinking in Verdun and sleeping under a bridge, because the bar-lady didn't want us to sleep at her place...


When we arrived at the viper place it started to rain, but under some plates we found 8 Asp vipers, very satisfied we bbq-ed next to the river meuse and after that we went to Verdun to have something to drink.

After they kicked us out of the bar we found us a good place to sleep under a bridge.


After waking up under the bridge we looked at some other places that day, but we didn't find any more vipers. Then we went home again, a short, but good trip!