Kos, Greece May 2009


12th - 18th of May, Family holiday on Kos




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A short week with my girlfriend and her parents on the Greek island of Kos. We stayed in an all-in mega Hotel next to Limni Psalidiou, 3km East of Kos-town.


To move around on the island I rented a light motorbike and tried to do a route on the island every day, the higher areas were easy to reach, the roads were not good enough for most cars, but on the motorbike it was easy and fun to drive up.


Most seen reptile species were without a doubt Spur-thighed Tortoises, we saw them every day, Black Whip Snakes were also seen many times, but only one big adult and one juvenile were photographed.


The temperature was very high for a week in may, every day was around 30' Celcius.




Observed Species

1. Spur-thighed Tortoise - Testudo graeca

2. Starred Agama - Laudakia stellio

3. Glass Lizard - Pseudopus apodus

4. Worm Snake - Typhlops vermicularis

5. Black Whip Snake - Dolichophis jagularis

6. Dahl’s Whip Snake - Platyceps najadum