Herping in The Netherlands, 2007 - 2009

12th of August 2009

A very cloudy/rainy afternoon to a great area in Friesland, I found 14 Smooth Snakes this day and in the late afternoon when the sun came for 10 minutes I saw 1 female Adder and a Grass Snake.


Among the 14 Smooth Snakes were 7 juveniles, the first ball of baby snakes was one with 4 heads, but they went every where in the grass so nog decent photo, the second ball was one of 3 snakes, but when I made the photo, one was already gone.


Happy with the result!

30th of July 2009

This is actually not in The Netherlands, but in Britanny, France, it was during the summer and I did not made a lot of efforts to herp, but when I did I found some pretty Adders close to Concarneau, a little more to the south a Slow Worm, a Grass Snake, some Common Tree Frogs, Common Wall Lizards and Western Green Lizards were also seen.


31st of May 2009

A long weekend In the Belgian Ardennes to compete with a Mountainbike challenge, The Ardennes Trophy, 60 km trough the Ardennes.


Next to the campsite were hills with a little stream coming down, here we found many Fire Salamander larvae and around the stream were also many adults found.


13th of April 2008

A day to Friesland with my brother to look for Adders, the weather was perfect, around 15 Celcius, partly clouded and not a lot of wind,  so we saw many Adders, most of them did not shed their skin yet, only one female.


1st of April & 27th of May 2007

The 1st of April I was with my girlfriend and the 27th of may with my good friend Jeroen, both the days we found more then 5 Adders and a Grass Snake.